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NCOA Certified Mailing

Cost Effective Solutions…. Let Fricke Printing Service help you expedite your next mailing project. We are CASS/NCOA Certified and we work directly with the US Postal Service to guarantee mailing specification approval. Our services include list purchasing and processing, inserting and full inkjet mailing capabilities. We offer a complete range of mailing services to provide you with cost effective postage and delivery solutions.

Mailing Services

Innovative Impressions in Mailing

Postal Guidance

"A little guidance at the beginning of a mailing project will save headaches, time and money at the end."

Database Management

"A quality list, relevant and accurate, is the most important aspect of a successful mailing."

Increased Response Rate

"Making your mailer message more relevant to the recipient will increase the response of the mailer."

Fast Service

Te significance of a mailing loses impact and relevance with each days' delay in getting the message to the recipient."

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Mail Processing at
Fricke Printing Service, Inc.

A typical mailing goes through the following steps to automate your mailing, allowing us to get you the best possible postage rate:

CASS Certification (Delivery Point Validation)

The CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) process validates and standardizes addresses for fast, accurate postal processing. It attempts to correct Zip Codes, appends Zip+4, Carrier-Route, Delivery Point and Error Message Codes and provides a CASS and NDI Report. DPV (Delivery Point Validation) verifies that an actual address exists down to an apartment or suite number. CASS processing matches the address to a range based Zip+4 record. Delivery Point Validation determines if the address can be confirmed as a valid delivery point or as a commercial receiving agency. DPV™ enables you to target your mailings more efficiently and will reduce list, production and postage costs.


In our mailing services department, we operate a high-speed Secap addresser for quick, highest-quality addressing and barcoding of your mail. If you are looking for information beyond standard addressing and barcoding, we also have laser printers and copiers with capabilities for merging address and personal data into mail pieces with variable data.


Presorting is an important part of our direct mail services because it helps you achieve a lower postage rate. Since we’re doing some of the work, it costs the Postal Service less money to process and deliver those pieces of mail. That savings is passed on to you in the form of postage discounts. Basically, “presorting,” means grouping your mail by Zip Code. All of the pieces going to the same destination get grouped into the same bundle or tray. We’ll sort to specific areas, and then work our way up to more general areas. All leftover mail pieces are put together. Once all of the mail has been put into the correct tray, the trays must be sleeved and strapped. After the mail is sorted, the containers are prepared, the postage is calculated, and the postage statement filled out, your mail is ready to go to the Post Office.

Postage Statement

After your mailing project has been delivered to the Post Office, you will receive an itemized postage statement of how your mail was sent and at what rate each piece of your mailing was charged. In addition, we’ll supply a report with possible solutions to pieces that are returned from the Post Office including those with a UAA (Undeliverable As Addressed) sticker affixed.

Why Fricke Printing Service, Inc.?

Throughout the entire mailing process we watch over each step in the development of your mail project. We will guide you through the planning and creative stage of your mailer. We’ll ensure that your mailing pieces meet postal regulations. We’ll handle your printing in-house for all projects. Then the last step is at hand – the actual mailing. We apply our years of mailing experience and the latest software and technology to your mailer. With the pride we take in managing your mailing project, we offer you a mailing experience that will reward you with the best quality, accurate results, quick processing, and affordable rates. Each of our wide range of capabilities has been implemented to support and improve the outcome of your mail projects. We guarantee it!